S. R. Gent was, for many years, one of Marks and Spencer biggest and most successful suppliers.  
It employed over 4500 people in its heyday and for the people who worked there it was more of a friendly community than a workplace.  The Dodworth Road site in Barnsley was the biggest of the many Yorkshire based sites and was the hub of the business.

In 2005, after 60 years in business, S. R. Gent came to a shuddering halt when CEO (Richard Franks) was sacked amid allegations of underhand dealings and questionable accounting.  This resulted in hundreds of skilled, hard working, dedicated people losing their jobs, and in some cases their careers.

However, most people found life after Gents and in many cases a complete career change, but everyone still remember the goods time whilst working there.  This website is purely for fun and serves as a memory to the community that was "Gents".

(This site will be updated from time to time so be sure to pop back and take another look)